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IPS Supervisor Skills Online

When is the next course?

August 14–October 20, 2017. Registration is closed.
February 19 through April 27. Registration will be available January 8 through February 2.

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This five-unit course for IPS supervisors includes active learning assignments and interaction with instructors. Course participants have two weeks to finish each unit, but can work on the course at any time during the day or night. A certificate is provided to each participant who finishes all units and assignments.

Course topics include:

Unit 1 – Introduction to Good Supervision Practices: Facilitating effective individual and group supervision, strengths-based supervision, setting clear expectations and preventing performance issues, helping staff to improve performance, and resolving conflict.

Unit 2 – Hiring and Retaining IPS Staff: Qualities of effective employment specialists; job descriptions; strategies for interviewing candidates; and techniques to retain staff.

Unit 3 – Becoming an IPS Trainer (Train Your Staff): How people learn, strategies to help people incorporate information into their daily work, and teaching methods for employment specialist skills. This unit includes teaching plans for new employment specialists in engaging clients, interacting with clients, developing individualized employment plans, building relationships with employers, providing job supports, and working with families.

Unit 4 – Outcomes-based Supervision: tips for collecting and reporting accurate outcomes, outcomes-based supervision, strategies to help specialists improve client outcomes, and methods to provide feedback about outcomes.

Unit 5 – Developing and Sustaining Your Program: Engaging agency leaders, engaging and educating mental health practitioners, creating agency awareness of employment, and working with Vocational Rehabilitation and other government offices.

How much time is required?  

Each unit will be available for two weeks. Supervisors should plan to spend 60-90 minutes working on the course; reading material, watching videos and taking quizzes. Each unit also includes assignments. Supervisors will select the assignment for each unit that they feel would most benefit their programs. For example, homework assignments for Unit 2 are to work with someone in the agency Human Resource Department to either develop a plan to reward good employment specialist performance or to develop a plan to recruit a more diverse pool of employment specialist candidates.

Who should take this course?  

This course is intended for people who are currently supervising an IPS program.  Others who are interested in learning about IPS supervision should contact to discuss the course.

What is the course schedule?

Participants can work on the course any time of day or night but must finish each unit before it closes.

How do participants interact with instructors?

Participants submit homework assignments and discuss those with instructors through email.

What is the cost of this course?

The cost of the course is $200 USD.

A reduced rate is available for IPS supervisors in the IPS Learning Community and peer organizations.


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