Helping people with disabilities gain employment.

Families & Consumers

Descriptions of how family members and consumers are advocating for IPS, how work relates to recovery for some people, and training materials for those who are sharing information about IPS with other consumers and family members. Information about the IPS approach can be found under “About IPS.” Go to Families & Consumers

Vocational Rehabilitation

For Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and administrators who would like to learn more about working with IPS programs. Information about the IPS approach can be located at “About IPS.” Go to Vocational Rehabilitation


IPS program forms, demonstration videos, tip sheets, and other tools for IPS supervisors and employment specialists. People who are interested in implementing IPS at their agencies will find strategies to build consensus for work and to guide the implementation process. Go to Programs

Trainers & Fidelity Reviewers

IPS training materials and information about conducting IPS supported employment fidelity reviews. People who train about IPS on a regular basis will also be interested in “The Role of the IPS Trainer” and “IPS Program Implementation.” Go to Trainers and Fidelity Reviewers