Helping people with disabilities gain employment.

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  • IPS Supported Employment: A Practical Guide

    2013 Edition. (Swanson, S.J., Becker, D.R.)

    This book provides specific and direct information about how employment specialists and IPS supervisors perform their jobs. Also included in the book is information about IPS for family members, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, and mental health practitioners. Use Order Form to Purchase

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  • Individual Placement and Support: An Evidence-Based Approach to Supported Employment

    2012.  (Drake, R.E., Bond, G.R. and Becker, D.R.) 

    This book synthesizes IPS research and experience: historical context, core principles, effectiveness, long-term outcomes, non-vocational outcomes, cost-effectiveness, genralizability, fidelity, implementation, policy and future research. 

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  • A Working Life for People with Severe Mental Illness

    2003 Edition. (Becker, D.R., Drake, D.E.)

    The updated version of the original book about supported employment. Describes the IPS approach, includes a historical review of the model’s development, and practice guidelines for implementing the practice.

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  • IPS Supported Employment Program Implementation Guide, 2015 Edition.

    (Swanson, S.J., Becker, D.R.)

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