Helping people with disabilities gain employment.

What is  the IPS Learning Community?

The IPS Learning Community has evolved over the last sixteen years, starting with three sites in 2001. The membership includes states/regions in the U.S. and countries serving people with serious mental illness who want to gain employment as part of their recovery.

Members of the community learn from each other. For example, trainers in Kansas taught us all better methods for outcomes-based supervision. The Wisconsin state implementation team discovered better strategies for Vocational Rehabilitation counselors to collaborate with mental health agencies. And all of the states and regions share ideas for how to fund IPS programs, how to use fidelity and employment outcomes to guide technical assistance, and how to expand IPS services across their regions.

The IPS Employment Center helps state implementation teams learn how to provide effective IPS training and conduct fidelity reviews so that program staff achieves good employment outcomes. They use a train-the-trainers model to help states, countries, and regions build their own expertise and infrastructure. In addition, online training programs (registration is discounted for programs in the learning community), conferences calls, fidelity report-writing tools, and other types of assistance are available for members of the IPS learning community.

Clients Served & Working in the IPS Supported Employment
Learning Community in the USA

This graph depicts program-level data (rather than client-level data), and displays annual averages for four quarterly reporting periods. Current year data represent an average of reporting periods that have occurred to date. Click for larger view